Lee & Bronski is an agent real estate brokerage that selects and promotes prospective offers within the CEE area. We partner with licensed brokers operating in specific countries while. seeking direct connections with the real estate developers and prospective investors. Steady and sustainable price growth in the local property markets within the last 10 years convinces us we can be sure to offer our clients a stable and solid security in accordance with their preferences and capabilities.

Why should I buy an apartment or a house in Central Eastern Europe?

Answer: The growth rates. Currently there is a multitude of renovation projects all around Central-Easter Europe that represent 4,500 luxurious new housing units, a part of which are of Bronski & Lee’s interest.

Apart from good rental income and rising property prices, another motivation for Chinese to buy in Europe is a broad education offer. Britain, Germany and France are popular because that’s where the majority of Chinese students in Europe are concentrated, and where investment conditions and property safety factors rank high. However despite smaller reputation of the educational facilities, a growing interest in properties among Asian and MENA's clients in Eastern Europe is visibly seen. There are “all-time favourite” destinations with A-class economies and attractive education systems. But second are cheaper destinations previously off-radar for Chinese buyers, such as Poland, Lithuania or Czechia. Consequently, middle class foreigners may be allured by East Europe’s retail property investments.

I.e. affluent Chinese parents are known for pulling out all the stops to secure a bright future for their children. Investment in their children's education is a priority because children represent the future of the family tree. And a good home at a convenient location close to the university where their child is studying ensures that future plans for the children are being taken care off. Now Poland has a wonderful education offering as well.

Another lure is the Golden Visa programme. A golden visa is provided when a person invests in a country and is given a visa that would not otherwise be available. In time, this can often lead to citizenship. Out of the 28 European Union member states, 20 offer “golden visas”. The real estate investment to qualify for the visa scheme, depending on the country, can be as low as the equivalent of 250,000 euros (in Greece) to millions (British residency starts at 2 million pounds, or 2.3 million euros). Lee & Bronski offers much more affordable solutions in Central Eastern Europe.

At the end of the day, industry experts say real estate investment is about long-term commitment. As such, European properties, from a Chinese investment portfolio management standpoint, are still highly attractive because they continue to be well-functioning assets, no matter the costs.

Corporate investors

Corporate investors and manufacturers from Asia and Middle East North Africa (MENA) currently seek Central Eastern European properties on a massive scale, and the trend got amplified after enhanced due diligence on any direct forign investments introduced by American administration. While the US and Europe’s governance and entrepreneurs analyse formulas to retrace from Asia and diversify their supply sources, the response of the Asian manufacturers is obvious: in order to cut down logistic tracks, avoid political turmoils and high tarrifs, as well as gain competitiveness by increasing delivery speed they actively search European factory compounds of various industries.

Lee & Bronski can answer that demand, because Eastern European countries can provide the Chinese entrepreneurs with all types of commercial properties which include ready-made and operating factories, factory compounds with the potential to be upgraded to fit the investors’ needs, investment land and service plots within special economic zones and other types of commercial spaces like offices and office buildings; all at prices much lower than anywhere in Western Europe.

Offers within the commercial property market change very dynamically, but the Covid-19 situation guarantees constant supply of both operating companies with their properties and factories, and empty plots of investment land. Special economic zones around the CEE are carefully selected; Lee & Bronsk have regular meetings with representatives of local administrative units to discuss possible partnerships. The company seeks urban development programs to attract businesses and money into the city centers, as well as will stream cashflow into rural and small-town areas with investment potential. By focusing on the first-time inner-city home buyers, Lee & Bronski has entered unsaturated markets of foreign investments in Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian and Croatian property markets.

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